Why choose FamiliesFORWARD?

We help kids lead better lives....

• Our FamiliesFORWARD enrichment programs increase grade-level promotion, graduation rates, college enrollment and community involvement. Simultaneously, these practices and initiatives reduce student CarsonSchool001CROPPED.jpgbehavioral problems, absenteeism, tardiness and dropout rates.

• We provide children with the necessary foundation to ensure learning, including support for physical and mental health, nutrition, problems at home and poor academic performance. Our services promote the overall well-being of every student, raising academic expectations and increasing family involvement while creating the most productive, positive school environment. Along with more than 70 community partner agencies, FamiliesFORWARD views parents as collaborative partners, engaging them as classroom volunteers and encouraging their active participation in our parent workshops and in their children's learning success at home.

• FamiliesFORWARD is evaluated each year to ensure that measures and outcomes are aligned with the agency mission, vision and program goals. The evaluation is conducted by Innovations of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and has occurred since 2000. The evaluation data collected by Innovations are used for continuous improvement of programming and serve as a base line for development of and reporting of outcomes to major funding sources such as United Way of Greater Cincinnati; partnering agencies; schools; and community stakeholders. The evaluation of FamiliesFORWARD's school-based programs and services also helps the agency to better understand the people served, including understanding the strengths and limitations of children in the program and their parents/families. Specifically, base-line assessments allow for students with academic, social and emotional needs to be identified and referred for prevention and intervention services.