Where we are

Main Office


2400 Reading Road, Suite 126
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513.721.7044
Fax 513.721.7048

Deborah Mariner Allsop, FamiliesFORWARD Executive Director/CEO
E-mail deborah.allsop@familiesforward.net

Josephine Steagall, Administrative Assistant
E-mail josephinesteagall@familiesforward.net


Bond Hill Academy
of Math and Science Discovery


1510 California Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Phone: 513.363.7900

Leslie Henry, FamiliesFORWARD Site Manager
Phone: 513.363.7928
E-mail lesliehenry@familiesforward.net

Lynn Nettles, FamiliesFORWARD Parent Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 513.363.7925
E-mail lynnnettles@familiesforward.net

Sharon Johnson, Principal
E-mail johshar@cps-k12.org

After-School Program & Registration




4323 Glenway Ave.
Cincinnati, OH  45205
Phone: 513.363.9800

Sheila Jenkins, FamiliesFORWARD After-School Coordinator
Phone: 513.363.9889
E-mail sheilajenkins@familiesforward.net

Tina Russo, Principal
E-mail russoch@cpsboe.k12.oh.us

After-School Program & Registration



Hays-Porter School


1030 Cutter St.
Cincinnati, OH 45203
Phone: 513.363.1000

Victoria Matchett, FamiliesFORWARD After-School Coordinator
Phone: 513.363.1031
E-mail victoriamatchett@familiesforward.net

Richara Richardson, FamiliesFORWARD Resource Coordinator
Phone: 513.363.1099
E-mail richararichardson@familiesforward.net

Nedria McClain, Principal
E-mail mcclain@cps-k12.org

After-School Program & Registration



High School


2488 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45208
Phone: 513.363.9200

Shane Fletcher, FamiliesFORWARD Site Manager
Phone: 513.363.9208
E-mail shanefletcher@familiesforward.net

Darrell Henry, FamiliesFORWARD Prevention Specialist
Phone: 513.363.9207
E-mail darrellhenry@familiesforward.net

Lakisha Porter, FamiliesFORWARD College Coordinator
Phone: 513.363.9209
E-mail lakishaporter@familiesforward.net

John Corey, Principal
E-mail coreyjo@cpsboe.k12.oh.us

After-School Program & Registration



3716 Woodford Road
Cincinnati, OH 45213
Phone: 513.363.6400

Felicia Anderson, FamiliesFORWARD Resource Coordinator
Phone: 513.363.6418
E-mail felicia.anderson@familiesforward.net

D. Ross Turpeau III, Principal
E-mail turpead@cpsboe.k12.oh.us



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