Dear Friends of FamiliesFORWARD:

A brighter future through education—from preschool through high school graduation—is the goal we have for every child. All children need a good start. Just as much, if not more, they need nurturing along every developmental stage to ensure that they shine their brightest.

Since 1875, FamiliesFORWARD has served Cincinnati children. We currently provide school-based, family-centered programs at Bond Hill Academy, Carson School, Hays-Porter School and Withrow University High School (which is now the combined Withrow University and Withrow International high schools). FamiliesFORWARD's programs have helped raise proficiency test scores as well as promotion and attendance rates at each of the urban schools.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center's Innovations research arm conducts an independent evaluation of the FamiliesFORWARD program each year. In addition, we are a Better Business Bureau accredited charity (click on the logo at left for more information). Our data analysis has determined that our programs are effective.

We get good results. Just look at Milicia's testimony of success.

Milicia graduated in 2009 from Withrow University High School. Getting to that point was not easy. She fought hard to overcome adversity. Milicia was the primary caretaker of her great-grandmother, whom she deems to be the strongest influence and stabilizing force in her life. She says it is her great-grandmother who gives her strength and keeps her grounded.

Sadly, Milicia's father passed away during her freshman year in high school, and she admits that she did not know how to cope with his loss. She became a regular in the FamiliesFORWARD office as a result of fighting, poor grades and other negative behavior.

Fortunately, with ongoing guidance and support from FamiliesFORWARD, Milicia learned to channel her negative aggression into a positive direction. She went on to attend the University of Cincinnati.

Won't you join us in our efforts to better the lives of our children through our education programs?

We welcome and need your support. You can make a tax-deductible gift by clicking here or by mailing a check to FamiliesFORWARD, 2400 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

We, and the children we serve, can never thank you enough for your help in making their futures brighter.

Thanks so much.


Melissa Dallas, Chairwoman,
FamiliesFORWARD Board of Trustees
Deborah Mariner Allsop, Executive Director/CEO,