Our Core Service Areas

FamiliesFORWARD believes that a successful collaboration will lead to these outcomes:

1. Capable, confident, responsible children
FamiliesFORWARD is child-centered. The goal is to help children learn new skills in a safe, caring environment. FamiliesFORWARD works with those at home, in schools and in the community to ensure the consistency necessary for success. Children benefit from:

2. Strong, nurturing and involved families
Parents and family members are active in encouraging children and reinforcing connections with schools and the community. Parents can focus more on children when other issues are resolved with the help
of FamiliesFORWARD. Parents benefit from:

3. Successful schools
A successful education system begins at home. With more actively engaged parents, children become better students, and schools become better centers for learning. Schools benefit from:

4. Engaged, active and supportive communities
Community outreach brings more people into the schools. Parents and neighborhoods become more involved in community activities and become role models for children. Neighborhoods are strengthened. Communities benefit from: